Uzaje raises €11 Million to accelerate its development

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Uzaje raises €11 Million to accelerate its development
Uzaje, a French company specialising in reuse with expertise in container and bottle cleaning, has successfully completed a new funding round, raising €11 million. This initiative aims to support the company's industrial growth, continue its national expansion, and intensify efforts in optimising container cleaning.

Successful new funding round for Uzaje

Following a €4 million financing round in January 2022, Uzaje continues its development trajectory. The company has successfully persuaded its existing investors, new investors, and banking partners to support its growth. This time, the total amount raised reaches €11 million.
The Banque des Territoires, a historical partner like Investir&+, is strengthening its support by intervening on behalf of the State, within the framework of the Territoires d’Innovation of France 2030 program, with the commitment of "La Rochelle, Territoire Zéro Carbone.1" Uzaje now also relies on the support of the InvESS't PACA fund, managed by A Plus Finance, and Good Only Ventures.
We are proud to support Uzaje, historically on behalf of the Banque des Territoires and now also on behalf of the State through France 2030, in its territorial development with the upcoming opening of three new cleaning centres in Grand Est, Région Sud, and Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Uzaje's solutions for reusing food containers and bottles contribute to the sustainable development of territories, particularly in terms of environmental impact and carbon footprint reduction.Gabriel Giabicani, Deputy Director of Investment, in charge of innovation and operations, Banque des Territoires
Convinced that reuse is not only an ecological necessity but also a major societal evolution, and that the circular economy offers new opportunities for industrial development, we enthusiastically support this new phase of UZAJE's growth, which also has a territorial impact with the upcoming opening of a second plant in Région Sud.Jean-Michel Sibué, Managing Director, A PLUS FINANCE

Crowdfunding and banking support

In June of last year, Uzaje launched a crowdfunding campaign through the LITA platform, open to anyone wishing to support the company's growth. Funds raised through this platform exceeded €600,000.
Additionally, other private investors, business angels, expressed interest in joining Uzaje's shareholder base during this round. In addition to the €4 million equity fundraising, Uzaje is also working with its banking partners, including unlocking several million euros in loans to finance its long-term investment projects. The company also benefits from public grants, notably from ADEME, for its green industry deployment efforts.
This new funding round marks a significant milestone for our company, accelerating our development to meet the growing demand for reuse-focused solutions. It reflects the global shift towards a circular economy in food packaging, in line with the AGEC (Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy) and EGALIM laws. We thank our investors, both historical and new, our banking and institutional partners, as well as all Uzaje teams whose dedication makes packaging reuse more tangible every day.Emmanuel Auberger, President-Founder of Uzaje

Uzaje expands to the European market

As a player in the circular economy, Uzaje currently operates two cleaning centres in Neuilly-sur-Marne (2021) and Avignon (2022). As a Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) company, Uzaje is committed to promoting solidarity and social well-being, having already generated over 40 jobs through this commitment. With this new funding round, Uzaje consolidates its position in the reuse market and expands its horizons to the European level.
Neuilly-sur-Marne Factory - UzajeNeuilly-sur-Marne Factory - Uzaje
Since the acceleration in early January 2022, Uzaje has cleaned nearly 3.5 million containers, preventing 250 tons of single-use packaging waste. To continue this momentum and address the urgency of reducing disposable items, the company plans to establish a new cleaning site in Strasbourg in the first half of 2024. This strategic location in the Grand Est region caters to the expectations of French, German, Swiss, and Luxembourgish consumers regarding reuse.
The future facility in Strasbourg will be housed in a renovated building and will host all essential machines, ensuring an optimal cleaning process.

Uzaje, cross-cutting expert in the reuse of food containers

Uzaje, a cross-cutting expert in the reuse of food containers, specialises in cleaning containers and bottles, extending its expertise to various sectors, including:
  • Collective catering, covering the school, home delivery, business, and health sectors, applying sustainable solutions for packaging;
  • Commercial catering, providing sustainable alternatives for caterers, on-site or takeaway restaurants, as well as meal delivery services;
  • Manufacturers, where Uzaje works to reduce the environmental impact through the reuse of packaging for both solid and liquid food products;
  • Retailers, with cleaning solutions for sustainable packaging for shelves and catering services.
Quality Control - UzajeQuality Control - Uzaje
The company is committed to continually improving its reuse solutions to provide customers with a cleaning process that guarantees quality, hygiene, and a measurable and demonstrated environmental and economic impact.
With a continued focus on sustainable practices and innovative solutions, Uzaje is firmly committed to creating a more environmentally friendly future.
1At the end of a call for projects, 24 projects were announced as winners of the "Territories of Innovation" initiative for France 2030 by the Prime Minister in 2019. These projects address various challenges such as sustainable energy, clean mobility, digital transition, and the transformation of the health, industry, or agricultural sectors. Led by organisations and territories of all sizes, they are co-built by local authorities, local actors, economic, industrial, and academic partners, as well as citizens. "Territories of Innovation" has a budget of €450 million, with €300 million in equity investments and €150 million in grants. "La Rochelle, Carbon-Free Territory" is one of the 24 laureates. The ambition of the consortium composed of the agglomeration community and the city of La Rochelle, the University, the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle, and the Atlantech association is to become the first urban coastal territory to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

About the Banque des Territoires

The Banque des Territoires is one of the five businesses of Caisse des Dépôts. It brings together internal expertise for territories. As the unique entry point for its clients, it works alongside all territorial actors: local authorities, local public companies, social housing organisations, legal professions, companies, and financial actors. It supports them in carrying out their projects of general interest by offering a continuum of solutions: advice, loans, equity investments, consignments, and banking services. Addressing all territories, from rural areas to metropolises, the Banque des Territoires aims to maximise its impact, particularly on ecological transformation and social and territorial cohesion. The Banque des Territoires' 37 local offices ensure the deployment of its actions across all metropolitan and overseas territories.
Acting together to develop greener and more supportive territories | @BanqueDesTerr
Press contact: - +33 (0) 6 70 62 17 62

About FRANCE 2030

• Translates a dual ambition: to transform key sectors of our economy sustainably (health, energy, automotive, aerospace, and space) through technological innovation and position France not only as a participant but also as a leader in the world of tomorrow. From fundamental research to the emergence of an idea to the production of a new product or service, France 2030 supports the entire life cycle of innovation until its industrialisation.
• Unprecedented in scope: €54 billion will be invested to ensure that our companies, universities, and research organisations fully succeed in their transitions in these strategic sectors. The goal is to enable them to respond competitively to the ecological and attractiveness challenges of the coming world and to emerge as future leaders in our excellent sectors. France 2030 is defined by two transversal objectives, allocating 50% of its expenses to decarbonising the economy and 50% to emerging actors with environmentally friendly innovation (in the sense of the Do No Significant Harm principle).
• Will be implemented collectively: designed and deployed in consultation with economic, academic, local, and European players to determine strategic directions and flagship actions. Project leaders are invited to submit their applications via open, demanding, and selective procedures to benefit from state support.
• It is led by the General Secretariat for Investment on behalf of the Prime Minister and implemented by the Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), the National Research Agency (ANR), Bpifrance, and the Banque des Territoires.
More information : | @SGPI_avenir
Press contact : SGPI (France 2030) - – 01 48 75 64 68

About InvESS't PACA

Created by A PLUS FINANCE in partnership with CRESS Sud, with the support of committed investors (Banque des Territoires, CEPAC, Crédit Mutuel Méditerranéen, BNP, Aesio, MACIF, Abeille Impact France, Solimut, Société du Canal de Provence, FASTT), InvESS't PACA is the first regional fund for social and solidarity economy and impact companies.
A PLUS FINANCE is part of the MAGELLIM Group
A Plus Finance is an AMF-approved asset management company managing over €1 billion in assets at the end of 2022, with two main and complementary business areas: real estate investments and Private Equity. The group has a strong regional footprint and is mainly dedicated to institutional investors. A Plus Finance is a recognised actor in financing societal and environmental impact investment.

About Good Only Ventures

Founded by twelve entrepreneurs and professionals in finance, solidarity, and venture capital, Good Only Ventures, a mission-driven company, is exclusively dedicated to early-stage investment in high-impact companies.
Good Only Ventures relies on partner associations to ensure the financing and promotion of initiatives that generate a real impact in addressing priority environmental and societal issues.

About Uzaje

Founded in 2019 as a circular economy player, Uzaje is a company that offers industrial solutions for the reuse of containers for commercial and collective catering, industrial, and food distribution sectors.
Uzaje provides simple and concrete solutions to succeed in the "exit from the single-use" and contribute to ecological transition (EGALIM law, SUP Directive, AGEC law). As a Social and Solidarity Economy approved ESUS company, Uzaje is certified as a Bcorp, Solar Impulse, Efficient Solution, and a member of the TechForGood France network.

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